Style & Design

We design the garments based on requirements and interviews that we have with our workwear- and corporate fashion customers.


We have a worldwide experienced sourcing network. Next to our range of certified technical protective fabrics we have many suppliers and fabric mills from which we choose our fabrics for the corporate fashion and promotional projects.

Production & Logistics

We are OEM manufacturer and although we supply the majority of our technical products through distribution channels and dealer network we also have broad fulfillment possibilities in the company.

About us

Protective workwear

To ensure the highest protection, acceptable price levels and the best quality for our garments, we source, develop, produce and certify 80% of the fabrics that we use for our protective work wear by ourselves. For accessories we use the top brands for press-buttons, zippers and reflective tape, thread etc.

All our fabrics and garments are certified according to the latest European standards and we have an inherent flame-retardant fabric range that is also certified against NFPA/ASTM for the US market. It always has been our challenge and aim to offer protective solutions for any place and any climate in the world. At this time our protective products are used in over 50 countries.

Corporate fashion & functional company wear

Since 2004 we are also active in the corporate identity fashion and functional company wear. We have been involved in various corporate identity and functional company wear projects. The challenge for us is to catch the idea of the customer and turn it into a range of products that meets the ideas, is accepted by the people that need to work in it because it combines comfort and function and represents what the company wants to express. If the project is retail- or fan based clothing we cooperate closely with the client to set up a “commercial valid” garment range with the intended wearer always in mind. 



A-Industries is a full solution OEM Company in the technical certified protective work wear industry.

A-Industries is operating World Wide. Its production facilities are mainly based in Asia. We can offer different supply solutions with wide geographical coverage if needed as well.

Clothing design
Developing and creating
Certifying fabrics and garments
Providing high end service and products